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Environmental Recruitment Services

HR Logic and Love Environment operate a unique and specialized recruitment service. We all work in our respective fields of expertise (clean tech, HR, environmental business, social entrepreneurship and extended producer responsibility) but we also collaborate on senior level environmental recruitment projects. Together we have un-matched contacts and connections into Canada’s burgeoning environmental sector. We have been engaged in the environmental sector since it’s emergence through the 1980’s and 90’s.

In 2010, Love Environment joined with Ann Tavares (CEO Of HR Logic) and James Sbrolla (Chair of Environmental Business Consultants) to create a new specialized business service through HR logic: executive search for senior managers in the Energy, Clean Tech, Sustainability and Environmental industry sectors.

Recent Placements

Two of our recent placements are both repeat clients for HR Logic. The third placement was the new CEO of Totally Green/ORCA. A fourth placement was done by Love Environment in British Columbia where Geoff is seeking to establish an environmental recruitment market presence.

  • Totally Green Inc./ORCA – Chief Executive Officer – Totally Green has placed about 150 ORCA on-site aerobic waste digestion technology installations in various commercial locations across North America (e.g. the Toronto Convention Centre, the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York city and the Dallas Cowboy stadium).  TGI had reached a point in its growth where its first full time CEO was needed to support the business expansion across North America. HR Logic helped place the new CEO early in the fall of 2015.
  • Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) – Vice –President of Sustainability (most recent) CPIA is a member-driven organization supporting the plastics industry across Canada. With over 3,500 companies employing 106,000 workers, the plastics industry is a sophisticated multi-faceted sector encompassing plastic products manufacturing, machinery, molds and resins. The VP Sustainability is a new position title and is responsible for leading CPIA’s advocacy and programs to increase the recovery of plastics through strategic planning, program management, financial management/planning and membership development activities.
  • Electronic Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC) - Research Associate - Twice now in the past 3 years, EPSC has retained HR Logic to hire a research associate to support the work of EPSC’s President and Board of Directors. EPSC is the non-for–profit, industry led association representing the interests of over 30 electronics product manufacturers. EPSC focuses on the end-of-life solutions for electronic products in Canada. EPSC was created to work with both industry and government to develop flexible, effective and efficient Canadian solutions for WEEE.
  • Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA) and Multi-Material British Columbia (MMBC) – Director of Operations – Love Environment was retained by CSSA/MMBC to support the search for their first Director of Operations in the fall of 2014 to oversee the operational implementation of the BC printed paper and packaging stewardship plan that was launched in May 2014. CSSA is the national non-profit organization that represents the recycling interests of Canadian businesses by creating convenient, clever and environmentally sustainable ways for consumers to dispose of the paper, packaging and products their businesses create. MMBC is one of five of CSSA’s stewardship programs in Canada. MMBC’s Director of Operations directs the activities of the recycling supply chain team in BC, leads the execution and refinement of the provincial supply chain and is responsible for meeting the program targets and CSSA operational goals.

Since 2010, HR Logic has also successfully helped other clients fill a number of senior environmental positions. These include:

  • Waste Diversion Ontario – Over the past 3 years, Geoff and his partners at HR Logic have placed six professional staff with WDO:
    • Director of Oversight and Operations;
    • Director of Communications;
    • Manager of Policy and Planning; and
    • Internal, External and Social Media Communications Specialists

In addition, Geoff has helped WDO secure content knowledge specialists in the areas of used electronics, household special wastes, used tires and blue box recyclables. WDO is a non-crown corporation created by the Waste Diversion Act  (2002) and is responsible for developing and monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of waste diversion programs for designated materials in Ontario. WDO serves as Ontario’s waste diversion program oversight agency.

  • Stewardship Ontario - Director Strategic Supply Chain – HR Logic’s first recruitment project was to find a Director of Materials Management (and subsequently named the Director of Strategic Supply) for Stewardship Ontario, Ontario’s first Industry Funding Organization created through the Waste Diversion Act. SO now serves as the not-for-profit organization funded and governed by the industries that are the brand owners of the products and packaging materials managed under the Ontario’s Blue Box (for printed paper and packaging) and Orange Drop (for household hazardous waste) programs.
  • Emterra – Vice-President of Ontario Operations – Emterra is a Canadian leader in providing integrated waste diversion and recycling solutions, serving over 10% of Canada’s population through more than 30 municipal collection and processing contracts. Reporting to the President, the VP Operations for Ontario is responsible for the overall management and development of Emterra’s waste collection and material recovery services across Ontario for both municipal and ICI clients. A seasoned-professional agreed to join Emterra in early 2012 and plays a key role in growing this leader’s integrated waste business services even further.
  • Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) – Director of Policy. Reporting to the CEO, this position has responsibility for several core areas including policy development, program leadership, and project management as well as supporting internal committees, caucus action plans and supporting external communications to key stakeholders. HR Logic was able to attract a seasoned and highly sought –after provincial environmental policy analyst to OWMA for this position.
  • Progressive Waste - Director, Recycling and Material Diversion. Reporting to the VP, Environmental Management and Technology, Progressive Waste's new Director is responsible for identifying and promoting recycling and material diversion opportunities to complement the company's waste collection and processing systems in strategic market areas.

    This is a North America wide position and was filled by one of Canada's most experienced and best-known municipal government service leaders.
  • In addition, HR Logic supports individual senior personnel with management experience (plus new workforce entrants) to find careers in the rapidly growing energy, environment, clean tech and sustainability sectors across Canada. We have also assisted non-profit and non-governmental environmental organizations in filling key positions.
  • For any information on our company/projects, on searches that are underway (or just to let us know you are looking), please feel free to email Geoff Love ( or Ann Tavares (

Testimonials from Some of our Previous Clients

Vice-President, Resource Recovery for Progressive Waste Solutions (formerly IESI-BFC Ltd, operating as BFI Canada Inc in Canada and as IESI in the US)

“This was a crucial search for our company in positioning us to expand our waste diversion services across North America. HR Logic helped us secure one of the most prominent people in the field – a person who everybody said “couldn't be moved”. We are thrilled with our choice and couldn't be more satisfied with the support we got from Ann, James and Geoff.”
- Howard Goldby – Vice President – Environmental Management & Technology Group – Progressive Waste Solutions

Director of Policy for the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA)

The Ontario Waste Management Association has expanded its membership and activities considerably in the past few years. Adding a Director of Policy as a new position for us was an important strategic decision. I’m thrilled with our choice and HR Logic did an outstanding job supporting us throughout the hiring process.”
- Rob Cook – Chief Executive Officer – Ontario Waste Management Association

Program Manager for Sustainable Plastics Recovery for the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA)

“CPIA had been looking for some time to find the right person to be our Sustainability Program Manager. We needed someone with unique experience to support our growing plastics recovery activities. HR Logic helped us secure a great choice for the position and he was at his desk in less than 10 weeks time”.
- Cathy Cirko – Vice –President – Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Research Assistant for Electronics Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC)

“I needed a smart self-starter quickly to support our growing programs across Canada, but without consuming a lot of my time. Ann and Geoff provided me with a short list of strong, pre-screened candidates within a few weeks and I made what’s proven to be an outstanding choice in less than 2 months.”
- Shelagh Kerr – President and CEO – Electronics Product Stewardship Canada

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