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Reference Projects

Reference Project Description #1

Multi-material British Columbia and Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance Stewardship Plan for Packaging and Printed Paper (PPP) in BC

Client Profile & number of years working for client: - MMBC is the not-for-profit agency established under the British Columbia Society Act formed to fulfill the requirement to develop, submit and implement a stewardship plan for residential packaging and printed paper. MMBC is acting as a stewardship agency on behalf of producers in order to discharge their obligations under the Recycling Regulation.

Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (CSSA) is a newly formed national body of major packaging and printed paper stewards that has been formed in order to seek to harmonize steward reporting systems across Canada.

Description of MMBC/CSSA PPP Stewardship Plan Project:

Love Environment was one member of the team of consultants retained by Multi-Material British Columbia in the fall of 2011 to prepare Phase 1 “current state of recycling analysis” and “options” reports for the development of an extended producer responsibility stewardship program for packaging and printed paper in British Columbia. The two reports were posted by MMBC in March 2012.

Love Environment was again retained in the fall of 2012 (as part of the same Gies and Associates BC Phase 1 Project team) for Phase 2 to support Multi-Material British Columbia (in association with the Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance - CSSA) to prepare a Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Plan for BC.  As mandated, the Plan was submitted to the BC Ministry of the Environment on November 19, 2012. If the BC plan is approved, the Gies-led BC Project team expects to continue to support MMBC/CSSA into Phase 3 for detailed design, implementation planning and supporting the launch of the first 100% EPR program for PPP in North America. The PPP stewardship program is scheduled to start up in May 2014 (for a copy of the Stewardship Plan and background documents, please see

Role for Geoff Love/Love Environment: Love Environment was primarily responsible for the processing, materials marketing and selected options research for Phase 1 of the project. Phase 2 responsibilities include extensive field research and interviews with key stakeholders (local and regional governments, waste haulers, processors and end markets). Moving into the detailed design stage, Love has led on the interface with haulers, processors and markets on the province-wide recyclable materials list, system design issues and the post collection service and contract planning.

Services Provided: Current recycling systems research, options analysis, stakeholder interviews, system design and planning, waste service industry interface, implementation planning, market development issues

Scale of Project: The Phase 1 research estimated that the total cost of the curbside, multi-family and depot collection and post collection services for packaging and printed paper recycling for BC would range from $60-$100 million per year.

Client contacts: Glenda Gies, BC Project Team leader (905-623-6437); Allan Langdon, Chair MMBC (604-633-6145)

Reference Project Description #2

Waste Diversion Ontario/Stewardship Ontario Plastics Market Development Program Description

Client Profile & Number of years working for client: Love Environment was on contract for 5 years with Stewardship Ontario and for 2 years with Waste Diversion's Continuous Improvement Fund (CIF) to provide blue box plastics market development support to both organizations. CIF is a four-year, $40 million fund managed through Waste Diversion Ontario to continuously improve Ontario blue box programs. Stewardship Ontario is the province's industry funding organization for blue box waste.

Description of Stewardship Ontario Projects:

Love Environment's work on plastics market development spanned five years with joint funding from WDO's CIF Fund and Stewardship Ontario. The project has been delivered in three phases:

Initial research phase - Stewardship Ontario funded three years (2005-2008) of curbside plastics recycling R&D and communications projects culminating in the development of a multi-year blue box plastics market development investment plan. This analysis included current recycling rates by resin type, targets to recover the "least cost next tonne" and capital and operating cost estimates for enhanced blue box plastics recovery.

Plastics Market development REOI, RFP and contract awards - Love Environment led SO and CIF through issuing and evaluating REOIs/RFPs then contracting with two blue box plastics re-processing facility projects. One project anticipates the expansion (to 10,000 tonnes+) of an existing plastic film and mixed rigid plastics plant; the other is a large-scale mixed rigid plastics demonstration project (potential capacity of 30,000 tonnes+). Work on both of these ventures is ongoing, including work with municipalities across the province to improve blue box plastics collection and front-end processing.

Thermoform PET market development - Love Environment worked with NAPCOR on behalf of CIF and SO to support the development of new end markets for thermoform PET packaging. Options explored included work with re-processors on both dedicated thermoform PET bales (e.g. from the Waterloo MRF) and blended bottle grade and thermoform PET (from several Ontario MRF operators). Theroform PET recycling has now become commonplace in many parts of Canada.

Role of Geoff Love/Love Environment: Serving as the coordinator between WDO's CIF Fund managers and Stewardship Ontario. Ensured active municipal communication and participation in re-processing capacity development and in the NAPCOR market development project research.

Services Provided: Project planning and development; Business planning; R&D program development; Project implementation and management; Program promotion; Program evaluation; Market development.

Scale of Project: $5 million in funding managed over the past five years.

Client Contacts: Mike Birett, CIF Director - 705-719-7913; Lyle Clark, Senior VP, Stewardship Ontario - 416 -323-0101

Reference Project Description #3

City of Toronto Curbside Recycling Projects

Client Profile & Number of years working for client: Love Environment has worked with the city of Toronto on several waste diversion projects over the past 10 years.

Description of City of Toronto Projects:

This profile describes three major blue box recycling related projects with the city of Toronto. The first two projects were joint initiatives with Stewardship Ontario. The third is a project that is still underway (fall 2010) directly with the city in collaboration with Kelleher Environmental.

Multi-family recycling project - Love Environment was the lead in working with the city in securing a $1.8 million Effectiveness and Efficiency Fund grant in support of Toronto's new, innovative multi-family user pay program. The funding supported communications regarding the new fee structure and technology investments to measure performance. The purpose of Toronto's volume-based fees is to encourage greater diversion from multi-family buildings as they represent over 50% of the city's households (i.e. this housing segment has historically "underperformed" in terms of waste diversion).

Optical sorting technology (OST) installations - The E&E Fund also made two strategic investments in each of Toronto's MRFs that were overseen by Love Environment. In the city-owned MRF at Dufferin, an OST system was installed (jointly funded by the city and E&E) to mechanically separate high value plastics. In the Metro Waste contracted plant, E&E and Metro Waste jointly invested in new innovative technology to sort paper fibres. The total investment between the two projects was in excess of $3 million; reports on the results to date are available on the Stewardship Ontario website.

Blue Box 2020 Project - Kelleher Environmental was retained by the city (and subsequently sub-contracted with Love Environment) to provide research and guidance on projected blue box quantities and composition to the year 2020. The research is presented in three reports: a detailed literature view of key variables, behaviour trends and consumption patterns that will affect packaging /printed paper generation; "in-store" audits of typical blue box waste and how these materials are currently managed in the Toronto system; and 5 year and 10 year forecasts of projected increases (and decreases) of materials available for recycling (e.g. paper, plastics, glass and metals). This research has identified patterns that will dramatically affect the cost, revenues and technology requirements of future blue box programs in Canada.

Role of Geoff Love/Love Environment: Love Environment led on the behaviour and future packaging and paper consumption research and 2015/2020 material projections.

Services Provided: Current and futures research; Forecasting; Report and presentation preparation

Scale of Project: Approximately $5 million in capital/R&D project funding over 5 years; the Blue Box 2020 study was small (<$50K) but strategically very important.

Client Contact: Vince Sferrazza, Director of Waste Services, 416-392-4715; Maria Kelleher, President, Kelleher Environmental, 416-482-7007

Reference Project Description #4

Stewardship Ontario - Effectiveness and Efficiency Fund Developer and Manager (2001 to 2007)

Client Profile & Number of years working for client: Love Environment was on contract for 7 years with Stewardship Ontario, the province's first ($75 million/year) industry funding organization (for printed paper and packaging).

Description of Stewardship Ontario Projects:

Geoff Love (on contract to SO through Love Environment) played a central role in the establishment of Stewardship Ontario as Ontario's first industry funding organization under the Waste Diversion Act. He was a lead author of the first Blue Box Program Plan, the first stewardship plan to be approved by WDO and the Minister. Love created and launched the five-year, $25 million Recycling Effectiveness and Efficiency Fund in 2004 and managed the fund until late 2007. Love Environment oversaw the approval, delivery and evaluation of 75 municipal Blue Box recycling system demonstration and improvement projects:

  • Provided project oversight and served on the four person project steering committee for a 9 month, $1.3 million assessment to identify and cost "best practices" in residential recycling. This was the first of its kind study in the world, resulting in detailed reports outlining best practice activities and costs that are still applicable to Ontario municipal programs of representative types and sizes.
  • Oversaw a $3 million TV, web and print campaign to support consumer participation in residential recycling province-wide;
  • Directed $2.7 million in investments in optical sorting technologies for paper and plastics in Windsor, Toronto and Durham Region;
  • Hosted a "threaded discussion" with 25 North American experts over a 6 month period to assess the comparative benefits of single stream and 2 stream recycling;
  • Provided funding and evaluated a Recycling Promotion and Education Best Practice Guidebook (and web-based materials);
  • Oversaw a project to assess greenhouse gas reduction impacts of Ontario-wide recycling activities;
  • Provided funding and evaluated several user pay studies and oversaw the development of a "Sustainable Financing Guidebook" for residential recycling;
  • Provided funding and evaluated projects on best practices for depot-based recycling programs;
  • Oversaw the planning and development of a $1.8 million comprehensive multi-family recycling project in collaboration with the city of Toronto; and
  • Created and managed the web-based Recyclers Knowledge Network to disseminate best practice recycling project results and information.

Role of Geoff Love/Love Environment: Member of the team that created Stewardship Ontario and prepared initial Blue Box Program Plan; E&E Fund developer and manager

Services Provided: Project development and planning; Funding program implementation and management; Program promotion and evaluation; Technical and financial project assessment; Market development.

Scale of Project: $20 million in funding managed over four years.

Client Contact: Derek Stephenson, President, StewardEdge (416-594-3460)

Reference Project Description #5

Eco-Parliament Project

Client Profile & Number of years working for client: Love Environment managed the Canadian segment of an international, multi-year environmental education and outreach project for high school students that ran from 2005 to the end of 2008. The Canadian project was funded by several organizations representing six regions of the country: CSR in Ontario/national, RRFB in Nova Scotia, Green Manitoba, ABCRC and RCA in Alberta, SARCAN in Saskatchewan and Encorp Pacific in British Columbia.

Description of Stewardship Ontario Projects:

The Canadian Youth Eco-Parliament project was part of a global educational program conceived by PRO Europe, the umbrella organization of the various national compliance schemes for the recovery and recycling of household packaging waste in Europe. Corporations Sharing Responsibility was invited to be the only non-European based organization to participate in the program.

For two years (2006 and 2008), PRO Europe hosted a European "Eco-Parliament" bringing together more than 100 young people of high-school age from fourteen countries to present both country-specific project reports and jointly created environmental position papers to distinguished European political and civic leaders. Canadian students who had submitted the best environmental action projects on behalf of their schools were rewarded by being invited to participate - with other students from Europe - to the PRO Europe meetings in Paris and Prague.

Love Environment managed a national competition on behalf of the Canadian sponsoring organizations. The Canadian Youth Eco-Parliament project challenged students at the secondary school level to show leadership in environmental awareness by measuring the ecological footprint of their school and developing and implementing year-long projects designed to reduce that footprint.

Students in sustainable development, environment and recycling clubs, as well as science, biology and geography classes in 63 schools from across the country submitted their action research projects for judging. Projects ranged from convincing a municipal council to start a community-wide paper recycling program to wind power and composting/community garden demonstration projects to implementing an in-school water conservation project. Students were acknowledged for their achievements with an award presentation by Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan at the bi-annual Canadian Stewardship conference.

Role of Geoff Love/Love Environment: Conceived of the Canadian Eco-Parliament program in collaboration with PRO Europe; raised the necessary funding from multiple sources and directed the three and a half year project.

Services Provided: Program planning implementation and management; Program fundraising; Public education and outreach

Scale of Project: $350K in project funding managed over four years.

Client Contact: Liz Perry; Engineer, Genivar (905-475-7270); Joachim Quoden, Managing Director, PRO Europe, Brussels (322-230-0067)

Reference Project Description #6

Corporations Sharing Responsibility (CSR) - Contract Vice President of Technical Services and Market Development (2000-2007)

Client Profile & Number of years dealing with client: Corporations Sharing Responsibility was the national stewardship organization for producer responsibility created by brand-owners from across Canada. Ontario Multi-Material Recycling Inc was the predecessor to CSR and was incorporated in 1986. Love/Love Environment contracted with CSR in several capacities for over 20 years.

Description of CSR Projects:

In the mid 1980s, Love was responsible for preparing OMMRI's first business plan and for 20 years served as the lead on providing technical and strategic recycling project consulting support to OMMRI and CSR (primarily through RIS Ltd). OMMRI was recognized by the UN as the original industry funding organization in the world for curbside recycling. From 2000-2007 Love Environment was on contract to CSR in three main areas:

Contract Vice President for National Technical and Market Development Services providing national-level, multi-year market development and technical support to the corporation. Provided technical and strategic advice to CSR's Board and multi-stakeholder committees in support of brand-owners producer responsibility initiatives across Canada. Creator of the CSR price sheet to track variations blue box material prices in the past 15 years.

Project Manager for recycling demonstration projects Ontario funded by the Interim Waste Diversion Organization. $700K was allocated to 36 municipal blue box recycling projects in the 1990s as part of early efforts to build model sustainable recycling programs in the province.

Love Environment led the development of a $2.5 million market development investment program for mixed broken glass in southern Ontario. For this "first of its kind" cooperative market development program with five Toronto area municipalities, Love Environment developed and issued the RFP, secured long-term multi-municipal participation in the project and completed detailed contract negotiations with the successful bidder. Steward company investments supported the construction of a new $12 million state of the art glass re-processing plant projected to save participating municipalities up to $1 million per year.

Role of Geoff Love: Project Director for 20 years of technical and strategic recycling support to OMMRI and CSR; Project director for Recycling demonstration projects; Contract Vice-President to CSR Technical and Market Development services.

Services Provided: Project development and planning; Program implementation and management; Promotion and education program development; Market development; Program evaluation; Business planning; Contract negotiations

Scale of Project: OMMRI/CSR technical support ranged from $100-$500K per year over 20 years (i.e. as RIS). For the glass market development project, stewards invested $2.5 million over 5 years time.

Client Contact: Damian Bassett (retired) CEO CSR (416-804-3234)

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